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I would also like to add my story about Chronic Prostatitis as I was relatively late to discover it.
Although my evidence contained no pain in the abdomen, there were all the others: burning sensation during the urination, frequent urination, nocturia and periodically stings in the left testicle.
The greatest damage though and attack of germs was at the sperm where their number was limited to a 7 digits number shortly before beginning therapy with Mrs. Georgiadis.
I initially started with a sperm diagram where the small number lead me to an Urologist who advised me to have a triplex.
There appeared a light type varicocele.
He of course ignoring the remaining evidence of the sperm diagram claimed that my problem came exclusively from the varicocele without suggesting a microbiological testing.
So I did the surgery, but as the months passed not only the semen did not improve but it was rather worsened.
This was when I first realised that it was due to some microbe and not because of the varicocele.
I changed the laboratory and the Urologist and some other germs appeared but no matter  many Urologists I changed since then and no matter how much antibiotics they prescribed me, the germs kept appearing at will, ie. 1 month they appeared in the exam and in the following they disappeared.
The only constant was the sperm reduction. What had impressed me was the fact that the urologists to whom I went just prescribed me  with new medicines without even getting up from their chair. I heard a lot of things such as: “the only thing you can do is take vitamins and wait” and a lot more. The biggest mistake of all the urologists though when they find microbes, is to not have your partner tested. The problem does not remain only to you. From her part, things were even more tragic as Gynaecologists DO NOT know how to treat cystitis and especially the chronic ones. She was tested too, but no germ came out while it was sure that she had mine while she experienced frequent urinary tract infections in combination with pain at the level of the kidney. Her Gynecologist suggested to take medications for 8 days and from what she said there wouldn’t be any further medication needed. This was when I realized that we would never escape from this cycle of antibiotics to no avail if i did not look to another completely different direction where Mr. Georgiadis was through this blog. We were tested and there were finally chlamydia found to both of us. I begun the treatment about 2 years ago and the nocturia has already left, not a long time after the beginning of the treatment. The frequent urination insisted for a while until she finally relented too.  It has been 6 months since I no longer have no microbe left and no symptom. The sperm came back to a 8 digit number although the varicocele relapsed. My wife followed her own treatment and at the present is microbe free too.
A piece of advice for those who are about to start Dr. Georgiadis’ treatment is that the results appear slow but steady (at least in my case) and patience is needed. You also need to have decided to follow the appropriate diet (alcohol, pepper, sugar OFF) combined with the systematic taking of the antibiotics and then you will see your situation to improve gradually under his directions and the organized treating of the physician. The physician knows to do his job perfectly, but we need to follow his instructions closely, in order to reach it without any delay to the much-needed treatment of this huge problem.
I would like to thank him once again for restoring my hope, as there was none before I met him, and acquitting me of the chronic nightmare once and for all.
Transrectal ultrasound BEFORE the start of the therapy

Transrectal ultrasounds AFTER the final therapy

Prostate fluid/semen colture BEFORE the start of the therapy Prostate fluid/semen colture AFTER the final therapy
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