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I am 43 years old and my adventure with prostatitis appeared in 2004 with stinging during the urination and followed by pain in the genitals and more specifically in the glan.
I visited an urologist who diagnosed it and by giving me antibiotics, after 25 to 30 days the symptoms disappeared and I continued my life normally until February 2009, when happened the same again, prostatitis with the same symptoms, administration of antibiotics and the symptoms disappeared after about 30 days. I want to point out here that the Urologist who used to watch me never proposed me to have further examinations although he knew my history with two prostatitis and didn’t even explain to me what can prostatitis may cause to me my and what i should watch out for.
In December 2011 during the urination I figured that something was wrong, I had stinging, I thought that I had prostatitis for the third time, which was confirmed after 2-3 days when the pain in the glan begun. A few days later I visited the Urologist, and I started a treatment with medication (without even examining me the first time). The problem had started to became chronic now, several months passed and no antibiotics did help me, the pain had worsened and I had began to encounter the phenomenon of frequent urination, especially during the night when the situation was very annoying, my life had radically changed to the worst then, not only there was tingling, pain and frequent urination but also the response of the physician to my questions was, 'be patient, over time you get used to it and you will be able to live with it.'
Naturally the situation of my problem was gradually getting worse and I saw no improvement, so I could not stand it and I started looking extensively in the internet subjects that could help with my problem. By finding the blog pyelikoalgos.blogspot.com I discovered the UROLOGIST mr. P. Georgiadis.
From the first visit I understood that Mr. Georgiadis was perfectly aware of the issue of prostatitis, making me all the necessary tests for a long time, the transrectal ultrasound showed several inflammation and growth of the prostate tumor, also explained to me that my problem had not lasted only a few months but eight years, namely since 2004 and the prostatitis remained although the symptoms after 30 days also disappeared, the urofluometry showed that my urination was clearly influenced, which showed that complications had been starting to exist. After the completion of the standard treatment with 44 specific heavy prostatic pressures and simultaneous reception of the appropriate antibiotics, the frequent urination had began to minimize, the urination during the night had stopped and the pain caused by the symptoms had begun to significantly decline from the 28th treatment. The transrectal ultrasound showed prostate reduction from 28gr to 23gr and the inflammations had been reduced to a very large extent. The results of the microbiological tests (cultivation of prostatic fluid-semen-urine after massaging) showed three microbes (escherichia coli, proteus, and chlamydia) and also high pyosfairia (40-44).
After a year and a half of systemic therapy (key stage and monthly treatment cycles) the results are amazing, I have no microbe and the pyosfairia have been reset to zero (0-1). I want to point out here that during the monthly treatments my gradual improvement was evident, namely, a dramatic reduction of the symptoms, as well as a reduction of germs and pyosfairion at the same time.
Today (two years later) the symptoms have almost been annihilated after the last examinations (transrectal ultrasound and urofluometry) my prostate has been decreased to 19gr and my urination is tremendously satisfying, i can’t remember it to have been better. The successful method of Mr. Georgiadis as well as the respectful keeping from me by to all those I had been advised (eg attention to my diet and a general lifestyle attentionl) served in order to tend to the permanent cure the disease.
A great thanks to the Human-Doctor mr. P. Georgiadis who is an expert in the prostatitis problem as well as in the psychology of the patients suffering from prostatitis, the treatment which he applies is highly effective and that is not only supported by my own amazing results but also from the results of many other patients who have visited him.
My feeling is that he is the only urologist who offers through the specific method he applies, radical recuperation of the big problem of chronic prostatitis, which torments as I have understood a very large number of people of young and older age and by what I have also seen the problem is that it progressively swells the prostate or even increases greatly the chances of prostate cancer.
Transrectal ultrasound BEFORE the start of the therapy

Transrectal ultrasounds AFTER the final therapy

Uroflowmetry BEFORE the start of the therapy
Uroflowmetry AFTER the final therapy

Prostate fluid/semen colture BEFORE the start of the therapy
Prostate fluid/semen colture AFTER the final therapy

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